40% Less Absenteeism

68% Lower Medical Costs

48% Greater Tenure

73% Less Time off Expenses

90% Better Performance

Source: Ohio Employment First


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2016 EMPLOY-ABILITY Summit Panel Presentation

There’s many advantages to hiring individuals with disabilities. The diversity and inclusion that it brings to your business is a huge advantage.”

– Duane Rohr, CVS Health

Giant Eagle has been hiring people with disabilities for over 30 years. Once you get over the fear, and once you start thinking about people’s abilities and not disabilities, everything else is much easier.”

– Jeremy Shapira, Giant Eagle

In all honesty sake, I have nobody with a learning disability that works for me. They might when they walk through the door, but I can tell you right now they don’t have a disability when it comes to doing their job.”

– Gary Pelligrino, Sr., Natural Essentials

Damon’s Story: Help, Hope, and Accomplishment

Damon Thompson became employed at Fredon Corporation in 2014. Fredon is a manufacturing company that produces parts for a wide variety of industries, ranging from aviation to the military.
Damon’s responsibilities are in the shipping and receiving department. He is responsible for making sure parts are cleaned properly, packaged, and ready for shipment. Damon works with a variety of parts that are shipped daily. At Fredon, he has learned how to properly clean the parts, how to package them, and uses many different tools to accomplish his job duties. CONTINUE READING >>>